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Our office storage system is the most space efficient, modular, accessible and hardwearing archiving product available. Documents are immediately accessible - without the need to shift and move heavy boxes. It's also freestanding - it doesn't require shelving or racking - and can be designed to fit any space.

Front Opening – All documents 100% Accessible

Common archive boxes open from the top – so if you need to get to your documents, heavy shifting and moving is required. SmartStack opens from the front which means that all of your documents are accessible all of the time.

Archive Box Front Opening

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Stackable and Free Standing - No Shelving Required

SmartStack has been cleverly designed so as to be self-supporting in a variety of configurations. Support bars and interlocking lugs ensure that the SmartStack is stable at any height.

Stackable Storage

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Space Efficient

SmartStack is able to achieve close to 99% space efficiency in the storage of documents when compared to common filing boxes. SmartStack is cleverly sized to exactly fit your documents, utilizes 3D cubic space for storage and doesn’t require space wasting shelving. Its modular nature also means that it can be used in areas typically considered ‘off limits’ for normal storage – attics, under stairwells etc.

Filing Boxes

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OH&S Compliant

  • No more lifting heavy filing boxes
  • All documents accessible 100% of the time
  • Quick retrieval
  • Manageable and convenient document boxes
OHS Shelving Ideas

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Fire Resistant, Waterproof Material, Durable and Hardwearing

SmartStack is made from a super hard wearing plastic compound that has some very special properties. It is fire resistant, waterproof and UV stable. And being plastic, it is extremely hard wearing and durable.

Hard Wearing Filing Box

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Comes in a Range of Colors

Goodbye boring brown office storage boxes. Hello Colorful SmartStack! No longer do you need to be embarrassed about your gloomy archive dungeon. With SmartStack, you can put your archives front and centre, and really jazz up your office space.

many coloured smart stack boxes

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Reduces your carbon footprint

Our filing boxes come in a range of environmentally friendly grades. Our 100% recycled SmartStack container (black only) is made from old plastic products that help to reduce your carbon footprint.

At SmartStack, we strive to minimize the impact our business has on the environment through a range of recycling and carbon offset programs.

Carbon Offset

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Will fit just about anywhere

Don’t think you have room to keep your documents? You’d be surprised where you can fit a SmartStack!

Office Storage Systems

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Cost Saving

Space = Money. Save space, Save Money. Easy? With the Smart Stack it is. With its space saving design, you could be saving thousands of dollars in wasted space every year.

Also, SmartStack doesn’t require shelving which can often cost a small fortune.

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